Dec 10

Nissan S12 – Ratsun LV – meet 12/09/2017 – Sonic Location

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Nov 30

200sx (s12) still lives on in Vegas…

This was a last minute meet up at my house for Jay’s documentation that he was working on. Around 10am they came to my house as they rolled up with their s12’s.
In this case I have 2 working s12’s also but not clean looking yet. Yeha I live in a cul de sac style street in where we could line up and get a picture or 2 or maybe 10. I figured this was a perfect time to shine my pictures with my Google Pixel 2 XL’s awesome camera.

I’ve included my backup daily ride that I am still continuing to improve and my car I’ve dedicated to drifting as of lately yet I did modifications to it that no one would dare to because I went backwards in technology.

Jay’s sr20det powered was a beast, inspiring at least after seeing from the restore posts and then seeing it in person. We also have Patrick’s Stock with A/C SEv6  200sx 2 tone, extremely clean looking.

I took a ride-along with Jay’s SR20det machine and it was amazing it was pulling hard like my 350z does at 300hp just it does feel faster due to the weight. Patrick actually drive it, I am not one to drive others machine especially with a temptation to wanting to push it and if I break it, it might not be pretty.

It was great to have a mini meet at the last minute with these old rally sports cars.

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Sep 19

Street Driven is back in Vegas

Time for some fun, my 1987 200sx is on crunch time to get the transmission swapped out and ready to drive just for stance wars and just show off at vegasdrift on sunday.

If you follow this, come out and say hi.

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Jul 07

Vegas Drift Summer Games 6/29/2017

I came out this day to check it out, the area was a bit short, room was very limited. Only issue I’ve seen for this area was the location and it has no place to sit and actually see the fun through the wall of people.  The games started around 9pm and at this time I had to leave because I do have to wake up early for work.

There was a few random cars around but nothing worth to really focus on a huge gallery.







After leaving I ventured home to get some sleep.

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Apr 29

I survived the valley of fire! seriously.

Thanks to Touge Girl Designs and SinCityZ revival I ventured on this cruise with my 2008 350z VQ35hr

SinCityz as a community driven culture in Las Vegas, they meet up every Saturday at 7-10am at The Car Show (9510 S Eastern ave, Las Vegas, NV 89123), Normally with the hard week I have with my Nissan Silvia 12’s and my IT Career based job, sleeping in on a Saturday is a thing for me but with recent change in my diet I have been forcing myself to get up early and head out.

The Cruise was fun and what got me was the last time I was out there was back in late 2002 (decemberish?) just before I was diagnosed with cancer in January of 2003( in a nutshell; I had Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that was growing inside for over the past 7 years spread apart nearly all my internal organs causing me to bleed to death when I had a sudden shock to my body in October of 2002 when I got into my first car accident, after the car accident my body started to shut down and I was starting to loose my ability to even walk far with out blacking out).


We meet up at The Car Show location around 7am roll out at 8am-ish, Made it to the Lake Mead Entrance at the Henderson side. From there we took the path around the back side towards the Valley of Fire and after a few stops we tend to lost the second half of the group that had my brothers 82 280zx in it.

The drive was fun there was a few times I wanted to turn off the traction control and see how sideways I can get on a few corners with out dipping off the road.

In the end there was no taco truck and took too long to get the crew all together to get the bags of goodies so today 4/29/2017 at The Car Show the bag of goodies for attending this awesome cruise.

I will most likely start coming to more events as the year progresses and continue my blogging the experience.

Till the next event,  Give us a like on Facebook.

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Apr 19

Drift Blog Writers Wanted.

Are you new to drifting or looking to go pro with your current success?

Shoot me an email ->

Must  be able to write once a month on various town / city / state events.

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Apr 03

Vegas Drift stuff for 2016-2017ish so far

Coverage for a few events it seem.

Not sure who all follows, this but if you do. Give TougeSW page a like.

The events has been cool, typically alot of seat time I am missing out due to cash and time with my car. As of today 4/3/2017 it has been 2 years since my motor blown and has been a real struggle in finding out the problem as it keep re-occurring. But that is for my Garage site for status and updates.

This past event was a bit layed back, it was at the open track and everything seemed really nice out. I came out to support and chill after having some massive drama this past month.

I kinda miss the events with Pro-Am time at the same time but it is alright. They had the open road course this past few events.

I wish I had more to speak on this event but I don’t really it has reverted to a typical track day style and the lack of friends makes it hard when all I am doing is chilling and enjoying the sun.

Hopefully by next event I’ll have something to shred some tires and get my seat time back.


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Nov 14

Spirit of the streets lives on…. after sema


I am out here again with out my drift car… but it is ok I am in the process of the rebound and should be able to get mobile for the next event.

2016-11-05-11-58-27For now my brother decided to do something with his car and bring it out for once. A 280zx (S130) 2+2 hitting the wet course in which after we was able to pump about 50psi in the rear tires he actually got a little sideways with his open diff. Vegas drift over the years has been picking up in momentum and has been hitting it hard with these events it seems to be paying off very well as I remember a few years back it had an issue with cars coming out and cancellation of events.

Other than the price, I am glade it has been gaining in speed these days, the business is going strong with the grassroots of the events and it is awesome to see even the fd super stars to make it out and drive around even though I get the cold shoulder when I attempt to say hi to them I am still glad they come out and keep the grassroots going.







There has been a few accidents out there and one v8 miata some how made it into a power box totally destroying his rear end. Other than that, it was a fun afternoon. My brother seemed to have an awesome day and for a while I never seen him a bit happy like this, I just hope he keeps it up maybe we can do some future tandems with his 2+2 and my s12 in the future.

Till 12/4/2016 for the last event of the year, that wraps this one up.



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Oct 04

Street Driven – Supras in Vegas


2016_09_24_15_12_35I started around 2pm ish the gates opened around 12noon, it was a bit hot, there was 4 spots for this event. As soon as you get in you will notice the track on the right for the drifting spot. I came late because I wasn’t driving and my Z needed both a car wash and an oil change now that I have cleared that up lets proceed to what I have seen. Straight a head from the entrance was the stance wars as a ton of different stanced cars but majority was supras.

I ventured to see more of the drift show that was going on they did some hard parking with a soccer ball into a net and boxes. Nothing to big just a silly show with cars it was alright to watch, after all that was done I head over to watch some drag races and I seen a few good races including a GTR doing 9’s in a 1/4 mile. Amazing stuff.

In the end it was just all a show, wished they had more cool stuff with vegas drift part more fun challenges instead of FD cars and Pro-Am cars with running v8’s and 2jz swapped s13/s14’s. One car that caught my eye was the Q45 with the stock VH45 beefed up with a 5 speed swap it was killing it that night with skills. Basically I missed out on alot of seat time this event because everyone with highly modified cars are normally down not just changing tires but always system checks and other stuff as well.

My car was ready just one issue arised because I had the most intense last minute bootcamp on an advanced class with ITiL. Car had no way for transport as I had to turn in the plates for it a few months ago due to lack of registration money and could not keep insurance on it due to lack of funds.  So I wanted to at least get a temp moving permit to make this trip but because of the exam and bootcamp I could not. So next time I will be able to and that I might have a roomate soon I can finally get caught up on finances to start making more events and getting more fun, with a possible vlog of the adventures.

Here is an image dump of what I have taken at the track.

2016_09_24_15_13_23 2016_09_24_15_13_38 2016_09_24_15_13_53 2016_09_24_15_14_32 2016_09_24_15_14_41 2016_09_24_15_15_22 2016_09_24_15_15_51 2016_09_24_15_17_47 2016_09_24_15_19_19 2016_09_24_15_19_55 2016_09_24_15_20_59 2016_09_24_15_21_31 2016_09_24_15_22_12 2016_09_24_15_23_01 2016_09_24_15_23_51 2016_09_24_15_24_27 2016_09_24_15_25_02 2016_09_24_15_30_27 2016_09_24_15_33_21 2016_09_24_15_51_51 2016_09_24_15_52_07 2016_09_24_15_52_24 2016_09_24_16_30_44 2016_09_24_16_31_22 2016_09_24_16_34_15












2016_09_24_23_35_50 2016_09_24_23_38_35 2016_09_24_23_47_06 2016_09_24_23_47_27 2016_09_24_23_50_45 2016_09_25_00_25_39 2016_09_25_00_25_41 2016_09_25_03_16_23 2016_09_24_18_31_58 2016_09_24_18_32_18 2016_09_24_18_32_32 2016_09_24_18_32_43 2016_09_24_19_21_00 2016_09_24_19_28_16 2016_09_24_19_28_27 2016_09_24_19_55_58 2016_09_24_19_57_02 2016_09_24_20_00_24 2016_09_24_20_01_05 2016_09_24_20_01_11 2016_09_24_20_16_17 2016_09_24_21_02_44 2016_09_24_22_15_35 2016_09_24_22_15_47 2016_09_24_22_16_00 2016_09_24_22_16_04 2016_09_24_22_16_13 2016_09_24_22_16_37 2016_09_24_22_16_49 2016_09_24_22_17_23 2016_09_24_22_18_02 2016_09_24_22_18_59 2016_09_24_22_19_47 2016_09_24_22_20_10 2016_09_24_22_20_24 2016_09_24_22_21_08 2016_09_24_22_21_21 2016_09_24_22_23_14 2016_09_24_22_24_05 2016_09_24_22_24_17 2016_09_24_22_24_42 2016_09_24_22_31_41 2016_09_24_22_33_29 2016_09_24_22_33_35 2016_09_24_23_31_07 2016_09_24_23_31_51 2016_09_24_23_32_32 2016_09_24_23_32_46 2016_09_24_23_35_33 2016_09_24_23_34_03 2016_09_24_23_33_56

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Jul 21

Vegas Drift Summer Games

13567185_1715307845388453_4280926241349175410_n The Vegas Drift Summer Games, Showed up on time minus my 200sx s12 as the s12 is running just no money for entry nor tires. So I just ventured to the event to see what it was like.

First, it’s hot out screaming hot but that is your typical Las Vegas weather, so I am here walking around finding Pokemon with my Pokemon Go App and found only Pidgy’s and Ekans.

For the event You have your typical LSx or 2jz swapped s13/s14 no big deal kinda like “boring” but they are there because they “think” it is the only way to be competitive There was a few mustangs and a couple 4th gen Camaro’s.

The track layout seemed to be alright, it’s just another parking lot not really much to really show on this event. It seems to be lacking a lot of direction more like go out and get seat time and shine. They did do a few mini games that was presented in the last street driven tour but it was a bit sloppy, even though this event feels more driven to FD than it does with grass roots this included with the teams out there.  It is the lack of real games more or less of a challenge. Problem is that too many people build high horse power machines with Frankenstein swaps “example: LS into an s13” and people like me who gets intimidated who runs a street legal car stock motor and to get seat time has to run the higher horse power courses. What needs to come back is the moto track that kinda gives the feel of a touge fee, or some mid to low powered courses.

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